Friday, June 18, 2010

LOVE cloth diapers and wipes!!!

Two posts in one all are lucky! I walked in the bedroom where Xander was sleeping and I looked down on him and realized HOW MUCH I LOVE OUR CLOTH DIAPERS!!! He just looks so cute with his "bumblebee butt" as Joe calls it! And they are such a blessing to me. I know they are free of that nasty gel that makes me stomach turn thinking is on my baby's bottom. Free of chlorine and any other nasty additives. I love that I can hang dry them and the sun brightens and sanitizes them!!! I bought one set with Jayden, a set of 12 for $203.40 and then a second set with Xander 14 for $203.40 (and only because you by six, you get 1 free....that's why I got 14. Now we have 26 diapers and I wash about every 3rd or 4th day. (bumgenius 3.0) has a new special going where you buy 5, get 1 free...And free shipping!!! So for a set of 12, it would be $173.80!!!!! WOW!!!! If I needed more, I would definitely be purchasing!

Cloth wipes. Enough said in my humble opinion!!! When someone had told me they used cloth wipes, I was a bit apprehensive. I did look into it and realized that I wanted to do it, but wasn't sure how to. I really HATE commercial wipes. They seem to leave a funky residue on you after you wipe, my kids always break out, not matter what kind I use, and they are TERRIBLE for the environment. Talk about wasteful use and wasteful spending. If you use a cloth to wipe down you kitchen counter, you can use one to wipe down your kids. I went to Hobby Lobby, or your favorite fabric store, when flannel print fabric was on sale, bought two yard of a cute print, 2 yards of a complimentary solid, and a rainbow thread to stitch the side up. I cut them into the size square I wanted and sewed the pieces together. They are seriously, not only the cutest things, but they are soft and gentle on the kids' skin and Xander's bottom. I realized how much I enjoy using them as I was getting the kids' dressed to go out tonight and was wiping down their dirty faces and hands. I got a small spray bottle and filled it with distilled water, some grapefruit seed extract, and some tea tree oil (both can be found at healthfood stores or the vitamin shoppe where I get them REAL cheap). When I am changing a diaper, I lay it under Xander's bottom, spray his bottom with the spray and the cloth and proceed to clean him right up. No mess, no fuss! He loves the spray makes him giggle!!! LOL! And then I toss the diaper and wipe(s) in the diaper pail to await cleaning. It smells yummy and keeps the baby from breaking out and nice and disinfected.

If you don't know the benefits of grapefruit seed extract and tea tree oil, you really should look into it. In the Dominican Republic, missionaries use grapefruit seed extract as a disinfectant to clean EVERYTHING: dishes, laundry, counters, medical facilities, etc... And recently I heard of a hospital that switched to GSE from bleach to clean all their linens. What a progressive movement. While you are searching the benefits of these two amazing items, also search the dangers of using bleach. It is one of the main cancer causers in the world!!! Seventh Generation makes a great bleach that is great for people, animals, the is peroxide based! Wonderful!! Although you could just ass peroxide to your laundry for whitening and disinfecting! After Xander was born, we used it to get the blood out of towels, sheets, carpet, etc... and only one wash!!! It's amazing! We take GSE orally for common ailments and I also used it when Jayden and I had thrush about 1 1/2 years ago! God placed the most amazing things upon this planet for us and we need to be more diligent to use them and give Him thanks for supplying for us! Don't be so quick to jump on to over the counter of prescription drugs. Seek out homeopathics first. And check your diet as well. I hear of children with lots of allergies and weakened immune systems all the time through La Leche League, church, and other places. In La Leche League, most mama's are already pretty cruchy so there is no need to really figure out the problems. But food allergies are the most common instigators in health. Primarily dairy, wheat, gluten and soy. Nuts are a close follower! God had such a beautiful plan in place for our food consumption and we have totally neglected it by saying, "God placed it here, we are are redeemed from the law, we can eat whatever we want." You can, and likely do, eat whatever you want but there is truly something to be said for the Maker's Diet. (Not an endorsement there) However, I do totally endorse the Hallelujah Diet and am moving our family more and more back in that direction. With us all detoxing through juicing and following a good vitamin and dietary regimen, we are noticing major health differences and overall feel of being alive! Live food feed your body...dead foods weigh you down!!!!

Happy weekend!!!!!

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