Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blogging Day1

Being new to having a blog, it's hard to decide what to write first. You have so much you want to share but you don't want to give everything out all at once!!! I suppose it's best to just state what I plan to share and then as it comes up in my daily, I will post about it! Sound okay? Hope so.

I love my life. First, I must say that without my Savior, Jesus, none of it would be possible. Not one single speck and I owe it all to Him!!! I always feel like I have so much going on but never time to share it with everyone in my life. I hope to share my adventures in scripture with the Lord and what He is revealing to me, our daily endeavors in parenting, tips and money saving advice, food choices and recipes, homesteading and gardening events, and maybe just some fun conversational pieces. At times we all have those things we are eagerly passionate about that you just want to share and so I also hope that this blog will be a platform for that as well.

This is really just a place that people I don't get to talk to or spend quality time with on a daily basis will be able to spend that time with what's going on in my life. I love to share little things about my children, as they are the light in my days. Really, I hope that no one is offended in anything I post. I have to say that I have learned that 1.) offense is a personal choice but that does not negate the fact that sometimes people do hurt your feelings...I hope that I don't do that. 2.) everything that I post about is a personal conviction in my life, marriage, and parenting. I do not feel that all of the things that we do in our lives is for everyone. I just want to share the amazingly profound effect it has had on my life and if that inspires one other person to take a deeper look at things, then I feel accomplished!!!

I sincerely hope that this is a fun place you can come to enjoy learning and seeing different things and connect with others that may have something to add!!!

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