Friday, June 18, 2010

Babywearing Giveaways, Ads, etc...

A hodgepodge of things today! First of all, Raising Olives is giving away an ERGO baby carrier. The benefits to wearing your baby are so numerous and it saves your poor little one from living life in their plastic bucket of a car seat. "CAR SEAT" not shopping cart seat, baby bed, play place, eating place, etc... One of my money saving tips when preparing for a baby and to keep you from using the car seat as a carrier, is to not buy an infant seat. You can get a convertible car seat that will take them newborn through age 5 or so. Plus, it's cheaper, more comfortable, and longer lasting! Anyways, go there and post and you could win an ERGO!!! I love the ERGO although I don't have one. I WOULD LOVE ONE, thank you very much!!! When people tell me how smart, alert, well-behaved, etc... my children are, I attribute it to wearing them as babies and young toddlers.

Second order of business, Adsense, a company that advertises on your page, chose to sponsor me. If you click on the ads you see along the side of my blog, it shows them that people are on my page, plus a get a little $ for it too!! Although I don't know how that works yet, it just does and I would appreciate if you clicked on it if something interests you!!! Thanks ya'all!!!!

Lastly, I will not be updating on the weekends. We spend weekends as a family and I REALLY try to take in those moments that we have together. It's so important to me! But make sure this weekend, that you wish the Fathers in your life a Happy Day!!! I saw a beautiful church sign that said, "I have been given the best give and it came from God. I call him Dad." So sweet that it makes me wish I had a dad to wish a happy day to. However, I do have the most amazing father in my life and I call him my husband! He is more than I could have ever dreamed of in a father for my children. His heart for our children and the children yet to come is so beautiful!! I love that he desires to raise as many children as the Lord blesses us with, without any reservations! We have seen the hand of God in our lives and we know that He has blessed us with these amazing children in His perfect timing. The faith Joe exudes in God is so admirable. Never does he lose his patience or get stressed out. He trusts God with everything and shoulders no burden. I pray each day that my children emulate that kind of faith! Happy Father's Day!!!

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